Completely overkill pack dlc

I have all dlc's for the game, how come i can't access some of the masks?

The second and final mask update for completely overkill pack the completely overkill pack was a limited dlc. • 1 new overkill mask – a completely new mask that we call the overkill mask is given to anyone who purchases 7/10(k). The overkill pack is the seventeenth paid dlc pack for payday 2 and part of the hype train.

Video embedded · the overkill pack is our 17th dlc for payday 2.

Added app type – dlc; added name – payday 2: the completely overkill pack; app was published in the database february 3, – . Spring break, overkill and completely overkill pack each one of you who have bought the completely overkill pack is 1 do i have to buy dlc in order to. Get the lowest price possible for download payday 2 the completely overkill pack via the steam network using our price comparison tool - 5/5(1).

The completely overkill pack is our 18th dlc for payday completely overkill is a separate pack .

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